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We would like to keep you updated at all times and make it that much easier to stay in touch with us. We warmly encourage your participation.

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Uniting the brightest minds, sharpest talents, and hardest workers, from the public and the private sectors, serving all disciplines. Industry leaders discussing major topics, networking with Colleagues, exploring the latest tools and techniques and examining different industries.

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Sponsors can achieve higher brand recognition, image enhancement and carry out focused, effective brand marketing directed at a relevant and homogeneous international community of experts and opinion leaders in the field of  interest. Sponsoring, endorsing or exhibiting any course will enhance and promote your corporate image and as well as your products. Most importantly sponsoring or exhibiting at our events will create greater market awareness for your organisation as we give you access to all the Mining, Human Resources, IT and Telecom's, Business Management and Leadership, Security, and Engineering Industries across Africa, Asia and the rest of the world. In addition, sponsors can gain high visibility and exposure through Peganix’s websites and extensive networks that encompass world-leading companies, non-profit organisations and research institutions

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Our Community Development  Project Objectives

Peganix is a level 1 BEE contributor Development Institute which conducts research and design events to anticipate and examine Government Policies and Major industry changes since 2013. As an  Organisation our teams are able to draw on the expertise that lies in identifying information and training needs for your industry sector or job function or simply tracking the latest business trends and monitoring employee attitudes to ensure our content is relevant, practical and useful.

We provide an effective platform for researchers, academics, industries to join together and share their findings, ideas, scientific knowledge and new techniques/applications about latest developments in their fields of profession around the world.

We are currently operating in South Africa, Zambia, and Thailand, where we offer the same services and also engage with community development  project in education and technology.   

Providing events that features internationally recognized and distinguished leaders presenting information which informs, educates, and shapes the policies and procedures governing the manner in which the world addresses Major Industry changes. Plenary sessions, panel discussions, round table meetings, policy debates, best-practice reviews and peer group open table events Engage   promote participation from all who attend.

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- Isaiah 40:29-31

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